The Owego Central Fire Station at the southerly corner of North Avenue and Temple Street.

The Fire Department of the Village of Owego, Inc. is one of only about a half dozen in New York State that still operates under its Act of Incorporation by the NYS Legislature. Originally inacted into law in 1862, and amended in 1880, this act incorporated us a a volunteer department to fight fires and care for indigent firefighters and their families. We continue today under New York's not-for-profit corporation law.

Tragic line of duty deaths in our community over the history of our Department, especially of Matt Porcari, Steve Gavin, Richard Beck, Winfield Knapp, and Roy Wiltse, prompted the Owego Fire Department to begin hosting the “Fallen Firefighters Memorial Golf Tournament” in 2013. The Tournament's purposes are:

The response has been exceptional!

As we enter our fifth year, we hope you will continue to support these very important goals. We thank you very much!


The Fallen Firefighters Memorial
Tournament Committee


Updated: 11 April 2017